We're doing real life teachings

Many parents avoid trying to improve the financial literacy of their children because they lack confidence themselves and this why we are elevating-the basics. Our course is driven by real life examples. We want kids to adapt new behaviors in how they perceive money. Concepts learned in games help children understand cause and effect, make mistakes and get rewarded for smart choices. However, couple that with actual buying exercised gives them the ultimate power and control.

Email & Text Support

Unlimited support via email and chat because sometimes it's important to dig deeper into the modules. Plus, help your kids learn about finances, while having options for your own money habits as a parent.

Budget Workbook

Many of us didn’t learn about money growing up. Personal finance wasn’t taught in schools. Our families didn’t discuss money around the dinner table. We were left to figure everything out on our own.

Let’s take those upbringings as inspiration to do better for the next generation. This course includes a workbook that can be printed from home, or you can choose to have one sent to your home!

Self Paced & Never Expires

As the world changes so does finance and so all our modules are updated with lifetime access. Whether you need to redo a module or have multiple children you will always have access to the most updated version.

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